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Optional Wheel Assembly Kit


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1  設計容納多達15個代謝籠
2  容易組裝提供的硬件
3  全鋁合金建造
4  耐用的烤粉環氧樹脂
5  鋁結構管腳
6  防滑水平調節
7  鍍鋅的硬件
8  可選的不鏽鋼硬件
9  可選的帶旋轉鎖和車輪制動器的旋轉腳輪

1  設計容納多達15個代謝籠
2  容易組裝提供的硬件
3  全鋁合金建造
4  耐用的烤粉環氧樹脂
5  鋁結構管腳
6  防滑水平調節
7  鍍鋅的硬件
8  可選的不鏽鋼硬件
9  可選的帶旋轉鎖和車輪制動器的旋轉腳輪


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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) leads to cellular loss,destabilization of membranes, disruption of synapses and altered brainconnectivity, and increased risk of neurodegenerative disease. A… (More)


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Insulin therapy is often needed to overcome insulinreceptor resistance in type 2 diabetes; however, the impact of providingadditional insulin to already hyperinsulinemic subjects is not clear. We… (More)


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Obesity is a global health problem and treatmentoptions are still insufficient. When chronically treated with the angiotensinII receptor blocker telmisartan (TEL), rodents do not develop… (More)


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Thymosin β4 (Tβ4), a ubiquitous peptide, regulatesseveral cellular processes that include cell morphology, wound healing, andinflammatory response. Administration of exogenous Tβ4 is protective in… (More)


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Increases of the activity of mitochondrial electrontransport chain generally lead to increases of production of ATP and reactiveoxygen species (ROS) as by-products. MnSOD is the first line of… (More)


In VivoAnticancer Activity of a Nontoxic Inert Phenolato Titanium Complex: HighEfficacy on Solid Tumors Alone and Combined with Platinum Drugs  Nitzan Ganot, Ori Briaitbard, Asaad Gammal, Joseph Tam, Jacob Hochman, Edit Y Tshuva ChemMedChem  2018

Due to the toxicity of platinum compounds used in theclinic as anticancer chemotherapies, titanium serves as a safe and attractivealternative. Lately, we introduced a new family of Ti complexes… (More)


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Smooth muscle contraction is triggered whenCa2+/calmodulin-dependent myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) phosphorylates theregulatory light chain of myosin (RLC20). However, blood vessels from… (More)


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Plasma prorenin is commonly elevated in diabeticpatients and appears to predict the development of diabetic nephropathy.However, the pathological role of prorenin is unclear. In the presentstudy,… (More)


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The incidence and severity of acute kidney injury isincreased in diabetic patients and with aging. However, the mechanisms involvedhave not been clearly established. The present study examined the… (More)


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Generation and phenotypic analysis ofmice lacking allurea transporters.

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High salt intake reprioritizes osmolyteand energymetabolism for body fluid conservation.

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BackgroundPendrin, thechloride/bicarbonate exchanger of β-intercalated cells of therenal connecting tubuleand the collecting duct, plays a key role in NaClreabsorption by the distalnephron.… (More)


Simultaneous detection of thetetrachloroethylenemetabolites S-(1,2,2-trichlorovinyl)glutathione,S-(1,2,2-trichlorovinyl)-L-cysteine,andN-acetyl-S-(1,2,2-trichlorovinyl)-L-cysteine in multiple…

Yu-Syuan LuoJoseph A. CichockiT. J. McDonaldIvan Rusyn Journal of toxicology andenvironmentalhealth…  2017

Tetrachloroethylene(perchloroethylene;PERC) is a high-production volume chemical and ubiquitousenvironmental contaminantthat is hazardous to human health. Toxicityattributed to PERC ismediated… (More)


Marine Animal Forests

Sabrina H RossiLorenzo BramantiAndrea GoriCovadonga Orejas  Springer International Publishing  2017

In the marinebenthos,megabenthic communities dominated by sessile sus-pensionfeeders (such assponges, corals, and bivalves) formthree-dimensionalstructures which providearchitectural… (More)


Effects ofN‐acetyl‐seryl‐asparyl‐lysyl‐proline onblood pressure, renal damage, andmortality in systemic lupus erythematosus

Pablo NakagawaJuan X. Masjoan‐Juncos, +6 authors Oscar A. Carretero  Physiological reports  2017

Systemic lupuserythematosus(SLE) is an autoimmune disease with a high prevalence ofhypertension. NZBWF1(SLE-Hyp) mice develop hypertension that can be preventedby modulating T cells.The peptide… (More)


Chronic PARP-1 inhibition reducescarotid vesselremodeling and oxidative damage of the dorsal hippocampus inspontaneouslyhypertensive rats

Krisztián ErősKlara Magyar, +8 authors Robert Halmosi PloS one 2017

Vascularremodeling duringchronic hypertension may impair the supply of tissues withoxygen, glucose andother compounds, potentially unleashing deleteriouseffects. In this study, weused… (More)


, David Webb , Yuri Kotelevtsev andretention and Breceptors causes hypertension and sodium Combined knockout ofcollecting ductendothelin A

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Radiobiology and Radiation Hormesis

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Human umbilical cord Wharton jellycells promoteextra-pancreatic insulin formation and repair of renal damage inSTZ-induceddiabetic mice  Martin MaldonadoTian-hua HuangLujun YangLan XuLian Ma  Cell Communication and Signaling  2017

We evaluated thetherapeuticeffect and fate of high doses of human umbilical cord Wharton jellycells(hUCWJCs) after IP administration to streptozotocin (STZ)-induceddiabetic mice.Type 1 diabetes… (More)


Direct and IndirectMineralocorticoidEffects Determine Distal Salt Transport.

AndrewScott TerkerBethzaidaYarbrough+7 authorsDavidH. Ellison  Journal of theAmerican Society ofNephrology…  2016

Excess aldosterone isanimportant contributor to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.Conversely,low circulating aldosterone causes salt wasting and hypotension.Aldosteroneactivates… (More)


A time-courseanalysis of changes incerebral metal levels following a controlled corticalimpact.

StuartD. PortburyDominicJ. HareCharlotteJ SgambelloniDavidI FinkelsteinPaulA. Adlard  Metallomics :integrated biometal science 2016